Karmatherapist Testimonials


"Jane has really helped me to learn to be less aggressive and stressed out and to help me to calm my "guard dog" down!"

Matt (aged 10)

"A dead weight has lifted from my shoulders - thanks to you. I feel that I'm gaining some control back. I have had some time to reflect and for the first time in ages although I have a long way to go, I feel its now "onwards and upwards"


"Thank you for the session this morning. I really feel a sense of "lightening and relief by going through this stuff with someone who is totally impartial. I feel much more positive about me, my life and my future."


"I was absolutely petrified of flying, but one session, followed by a top-up completely cured my phobia and now I have no hesitation in getting on a plane!  Jane is calm, professional and really easy to talk to."


"Jane’s voice was very calming and relaxing and whilst she was talking to me, I could really relax and I began to concentrate on what I needed to reach my goal objective of getting through my piano exam relaxed and at ease.   I felt really relaxed and calm as if anything was possible.

The session was extremely enjoyable and Jane was very professional and empathetic to my needs and has a lovely soothing and relaxing voice.  I would have no hesitation in going to see her again, should I need further hypnotherapy treatment."


"I received treatment as i had a fear of needles and injections and i got it done as i needed 3 injections. after i received the treatment i felt all weird and that i had been asleep. Normally when i know i have an injection coming up i go all scared, faint and i cry and refuse to have it. After i had this treatment i felt fine, nothing bothered me and i had the injection feeling fine with no fainting and now seeing a needle or hearing about injections doesnt even bother me. The treatment helps and works really well. Thank you Jane"


"I was really looking forward to the session as I had no idea what "feelings" I would have during it.....in actual fact there was no feeling of "going under" as such....it was all about relaxing, which Jane helps with really quickly.  Afterwards, i just felt as though i was spoken to with my eyes closed and wasnt sure if anything had penetrated into my subconcious....i was wrong ! after only 1 session, a few weeks later, my habit altered from a subconcious one to a totally concious one, which in turn helped me to think about not doing it ! Hypnotherapy is a great solution to altering your state of mind without you even realising!"